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Can Darrell Help Me?
Can Darrell Help Me?

Yes, you've probably noticed that Darrell has a different approach to teaching golf than 99.9% of golf instructors.

He gets amazing results (and very quickly) with students, but because his style is different, many golfers foolishly decide NOT to pay attention, and go back to the 'normal' stuff in the magazines (even though they have been trying it for 20 years, without success).

We thought this short video may help convince you to trust in Darrell's instruction.

If you need help. And if nothing has helped you consistently in the past...

Now it's time to believe you can do it. HUNDREDS have with Darrell.

You can too.


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  1. Jim DeVore

    I am one of the best golf readers in the world. I would read every article on "helpful hints" till I had no idea what a swing was suppose to feel like. I have always hit my shots shorter than I think I am capable and it has been very frustrating. I ran across some of your lessons before you started the inner circle and I was truly amazed at the way you taught. I frequently will go out at night under a lamp post and hit a purposeful draw(which I never could do) and try to put my ball in my garage which is about 120 yds away. I am 63 and a cancer survivor on my 5 th. year and I hope to be able to play for many more years. I have shared your website and information with much enthusiasm and frequency and I hope to be able to afford the inner circle membership soon. I am going to buy some ping pong balls tomorrow and start learning how to spin them. Thanks again for your efforts to teach natural body movement vs. being a contortionist or whatever.

  2. Tom

    Darrell. After watching your video on shaping the shop using ping pong balls, I went to the range and hit about 90 balls with my 3-wood. The last 30 were all shaped as intended. Wow! Two points that I locked onto in the video were to forget all the crap I've been worrying about in hitting the ball and look at the "power point." I think I know what the "power point" is but am not sure. Is it an aim point? I treated it as such as was amazed at the follow through and resulting distance with all the clubs. BTW, I've been playing golf for about 55 years and do understand the physics of shaping the shop. I just forgot the basic step of how to simply hit the ball. Thanks. Tom

  3. Charles Borgerding

    This approach really appeals to me. I am 76 years of age and shot around my age (unless the par 4s are over 420 yards). Unfortunately, I was hit by a truck in a crosswalk when I was 8, and it left me with no knee and 5" shorter left leg.(for which I wear a lift inside my shoe). Most instruction...beginning with Ben Hogan's Five Lessons.... had me shifting to my weak left foot (and fighting to retain balance) and rotating my hips. It would work for the most part when I was younger,but now it just makes me a candidate for a right hip replacement. It will take some devoted practice time to shed the old demons, but I am excited by the early results from a visit to the range. I will be interested to hear from you if you think I may have to modify a portion of your swing approach (moving upward after impact from the coiled back leg) because of my stiff left leg. Maybe an old dog can actually learn new tricks! CAB

  4. Mark O'Rourke

    O.K I played today and had a 94, 2 over my average, I am not unhappy with this as for the past few months I have been spiralling out of control struggling to break 100, my drives today were 70% on the fairway and those that were not were at least playable, I will pursue this.


  5. David Jirak

    This is an excellent endorsement video. I enjoyed what they had to say. Thanks.

  6. Paul Tomlinson

    I need an idea of how to swing. I have tried so many swings and they all work, sometimes. I need to find a swing that I can stick with and have faith in!

  7. Kevin Officer




  9. YNGE Ljung

    I laughed wo hard when I saw this! It's supposed to be fun; I can see that now!!!

  10. Julie Coppleman

    Thanks - your advice is always really great. I am a former Inner Circle member and I used to listen to your CDs on the way to golf and I'm going to do that again - it always got me in the right mindset and I normally had a good round. I intend to re-view your DVDs I own and slow down a bit!

  11. Perrin Stow

    Hi Darrell I am amazed by your simple professional thought process and approach which will inevitably produce my mind set to achieve consistent play. I am determined to master this thought process but also realize this needs practice to which will be done, I look forward to further training video's and thank you very much, kind regards Perrin

  12. Alan C Sollien

    Derrell, I am 70 yet have never played golf. Now retired, I would like to join most of my buddies on the golf course. How best do I prepare myself realistically for that first outing without being completely humiliated? It is now the middle of March. Some time in May I would like to "tee up". Your advise please or should I forget about it! Thank you.......

  13. Samuel FAZ

    darrell i think your fantastic i am a baseball coach, talking about power i can hit a golf ball over 350 with a fungo bat but i can only hit 180 with a driver

  14. Steve Lampert

    Hi - So far I have listened to your longer and straighter videos and have practiced in my back yard but haven't taken any of this to the practice range. I live in Oregon and would like to take one of your group lessons. Do you have anything on the near horizon and what would a package deal cost be if you do. Also, do you or your team offer anything in Oregon? Thanks for your time.

    Steve 503-715-6821

  15. Gordon Steen

    I had a car accident a few years back with serious injuries to my neck, back and left knee. I was previously a scratch golfer and since the accident anytime I played I endured serious pain so much so that I thought about giving up the game. After about 7 months I decided to try and play again but my game was disastrous. I tried everything I knew, even changing to different swings but alas my days of playing low golf seemed over.
    I had come across Darrell on the internet and after reading up on him I decided to purchase one of his e-packs. After studying it for just Two hours I had a game organised at the KClub, not the easiest course in the world to try out a new technique. I was stunned to say the least. With only one swing thought I started to hit my driver longer than I have done in years. But; the most significant improvement was in my iron play, I was striking them with pin point accuracy and making such a solid contact that my playing partners remarked at just how different a sound there was on contact.
    All this from just two hours with Darrells videos. Yes I was still in a bit of pain after the game but that's only to be expected but to see myself hitting the ball again like my old self, more than made up for it.
    I feel sure that by spending a little more time reading what Darrell teaches and some practice I will be bringing in some decent scores again in the near future.
    Thank you Darrell you have made me believe in myself again, and if anyone doubts your teachings I can tell them you will be amazed at the transformation possible if you follow what he says.
    Thanks Darrell once again.

  16. Larry Wheeler

    Larry Wheeler
    I've been told by older PGA instructors golf is a game of opposite. Watching your videos

    confirms your opposite teaching method is the best approach for learning and teaching this easy game.

    Once I receive my videos I'm looking forward learning to play my best golf,

    I'm want to break 80
    I'll keep you informed
    Larry Wheeler

  17. Arnold Castro

    I have had heart surgery 2 yrs ago this month and have had sternum removed so all I have holdings my chest together are my chest muscles crisscross so I was looking for a swing that wouldn't hurt me every time I took a swing according to doctors I would never get to do anything like this BUT I think that maybe I'm just about to prove them wrong JUST started this program and liking it hands down compared to what I have been doing time will tell THANKS N THANK YOU

  18. Thomas Slagle

    Your 3 little videos on the grip are the best golf instruction I've ever seen and I've seen it all. If everyone used that grip you would immediately be out of work.

  19. Chee Seng Ang

    never hit the ball so crisp in my life. Thanks Darrell.
    After the thousands and thousands spent on golf instruction, equipment etc… didn't beat spending 50 bucks buying your DVD.

  20. Manuel Alvarado

    Hi Darrell
    I have a few of your videos and always looking for more of your tips, but have not inprove much i recently got your ultimate grip video.and trying very hard but i still hitting behind the ball. topping it pushing it and pulling IT.Needles to say i'am shooting in the 100 + i do understand about spining the ball but apparently i not hitting my power point. (or i not a good carpenter),if you could please help me. Buy the way i'am too cripple in my hipps back, and both rotator cuffs torn.(not looking for sympathy,only golf advice.
    Thank You Manuel

  21. Vincent Perez

    Specifically, what or where is the Power Point. What is its definition?

  22. Dave Watkins

    Darrell, I tried the ultimate golf grip after watching you're video..I have to say what a difference it's made..I have never hit the ball so far...I still have a strong left hand grip, but it works for me..I now grip the club so light in my fingers it feels so good watching th ball go so far on the or two people actually stopped to watch me hit balls. I haven't taken it to the course yet.i want to continue with the practice before I do so...I can't wait to take my son on who's a 4 handicap and hits the ball miles...anybody who struggles with their grip should take a look at Darrells ultimate golf grip will change your game for ever....Dave.

  23. Floyd Chelf

    Great stuff. Your ideas have helped me tremendously.

  24. Kim Stammers


    I used to hold the angle between club shaft and forearm and drive hard with my hips (Dustan Johnson like), gave me great distance with a lower trajectory, however I have recently damage a nerve in my lower spine and cannot play this way any more. I am now trying your easy method and the results are:
    I have lost distance but I can now actually play 18 holes again (lower back nerve damage).
    18th at Doha TPC 100 yards to pin, 55degree out and hit is sweet. bit short (10 yards) Spun it clean off the green!!! I can now smile and be disappointed at the same time.
    Cheers Mate.

  25. Jack Dieken

    I was impressed with relaxing my hands and arms instead choking the club. I know I will get better at this great game.

  26. Joseph Hernandez

    which video is the one that explains the power point, how to get there and understand it?

  27. Richard Wynn

    Darrell your teaching seems like it should be easy but I can not get it. I got the power point video, joined the webinar, and I am still not getting distance hitting fat.I guess there is always a slow learner. I am not giving up though. It is probably something simple. Thanks

  28. Alan Sterchi

    Hey Darrell, sorry I haven't been very informative about your products and instructions you have sent me. I am very impressed with everything you have sent me. I trusted you from the very first time I listen to you. I am 65 years old and only golfed for 2 years. Do not feel very good about how I play. Just wanted some exercise that easy for my age, and not spend a lot of money to learn how. My brother in law taught me the basics. He has play for 30 years and is not much better than I. I did everything wrong, no timing , fat shots digging ditches and slicing. Went to the driving range the other day with all the ideas you teach and bingo, I knew what was wrong, I was trying to kill it. Straight shots like an arrow from 30 yards to 225 yards. Left or right, slice whatever I want is there. Now I could care less how far I hit it as long as it is straight. Just need one problem solved,why do I hit it so high? I step back an inch and I top it. What can I do for practice to stop the height? I don't want to listen to anyone but you. My buddies get ticked when I don't want to listen to them. I have asked 20 good golfers at the club what makes a ball fly, none of them knew. They all said the impact of the club and the dimples on the ball.I like your sarcasm, if you can't be funny be sarcastic. Alan Sterchi

  29. B. G. Thompson

    From B. G. (Bob) Thompson : Darrel, As I mentioned to you some time ago, I have been totally sold on your golf training to the point I quit reading golf magazines and like. I have watched your instructional material adhere to the same long term developed concepts however, your teaching methods are actually approaching revolutionary techniques, thus increasing the effectiveness on a constant basis. I really celebrated as I learned about your new push on ball control because this is precisely the soft spot in my play and what I have been working on for the last several months. I really jumped to sign up for this course and am very excited, having believed for some time (intuitively) as I viewed close up shots on golf divots during shots by the PGA----that ball striking is the missing component in so many folks game. I know I have struggled with this for some years now. I am excited to get started and look forward to good progress.
    Best Regards

  30. Albert Stoermer

    I just purchased your ULTIMATE GRIP video on 6/13/16 and had previously purchased your power point video. My game was was in bad shape prior to viewing your videos. Well on Saturday 6/18/16 I had a hole in one at my club in Dayton, OH - NCR Country Club and am driving the ball better than anytime in my long golfing career. The grip change alone added 20 yards to my drives.

    Can't tell how thrilling it was to get the hole in one.

    Thanks Darrell

  31. Moustafa Nour

    I am impressed with the simplicity of your approach to golf. I started with the special you have on the right way to grip the club, the thing I was doing when I started golfing about 20 years ago, then tried to improve via videos and books , lost distance and got paralysis by analysis. I shoot in the low 90's , sometimes break 90's knowing my potential is in the 80's'
    I will stick for awhile trusting that I will do better.
    Best regards.


  32. Richard Gaskill

    I can picture how to concentrate on the power point and then hit that with the toe of the club but what I can't picture is why I wouldn't just swing over the top of the ball getting at the power point and missing the ball altogether. What guarantees that the ball will get in the way and get hit at all. So far I don't see where you've even addressed that. If I'm totally ignoring the ball who's to say I'm going to hit it at all????If Im' coming in at an angle to slap the back of the power point with the whip of my wrists haven't I totally missed the ball.?

  33. Joe Taylor

    Hi Darrell..I have recently discovered you on the internet and have purchased several of your programs.I'm completely blown away with your teaching methods and the information you provide!!.For the first time in my golfing life I truly understand what I'm supposed to do when I swing the club and I no longer have umpteen thoughts going through my head.I'm a 52 year old living in the North of Ireland who's been playing for over 20 years and play to a 13 handicap.I am so passionate about the game but get very frustrated as I have tried to interpret all the conflicting (Mis)information from the leading instructors ( and I have tried them all over the years!) I now know I have been swinging with my arms but am now using my hands and wrists and the results are fantastic..longer and straighter.Your programs on the 'power point' and 'the grip' were game changers for me.My golfing ambition in life is to be a single digit handicapper and for the first time its a real possibility.
    I have signed up to the DKIC and look forward to receiving your ongoing insights into this amazing game we play.( hopefully with your usual sense of humour ) Many Many thanks Darrell for making me so happy. Kind Regards..Joe

  34. Charles ANDERSON

    one quick queston about "power point" when swinging the club are you looking at your power point and not the ball or are you looking at the ball and thinking about swinging to your power point.

  35. Don Rose

    Hi Darrell---On the subject of looking in front of or behind the golf ball would there be a better advantage looking at the power point or closer to it than so close to the ball? Anyone can answer this but hopefully Darrell will. Thanks

  36. John Hasenfuss

    Darrell your instruction has made my golf so much more enjoyable even my range work is fun. I'm pretty sure even a novice could understand your straightforward plain English instruction. Thank you making this so easy.

  37. John Hasenfuss

    Thank you for making this so easy.

  38. David Dolve

    Hi Darrell
    Well I am so relieved and out of pain! Not a bad golfer but the scrambler. The long game just eluded me, not knowing what to do. I wish I had meet you online when I was younger. So with your videos I quickly changed my swing and my driver "thank u" now goes 30 plus yards beyond my good old hit of 230. Two rounds this week in the 70's on real golf courses and guys asking me how do you do that? You seemed so balanced.

    Its a miracle yes its the swing I was born with thanks to you! Why not I did it for American Legion baseball and Tennis for 25 years. Not a bad tennis player ranked 6th in Nor Cal.

    Thank you I have found golf this week actually routine and fun!

    Dave Dolve Sacramento

  39. Peter Molloy

    Started training with the 4 easy steps, applied your chipping lesson yesterday on the course after some practice and found my short game improve a lot, will work on the next lesson today and see how I go with pitching the ball by applying back spin. I hope to have the same type of results as I did with the chipping. I'm surprised how easy it is when you follow your simple instructions. Looking forward to trying to draw or fade a ball at will after I master the 4easy steps lesson

  40. William Webster

    After a 15 year hiatus due to health issues I got my balance back last year and started playing again. Last year I shot an average scored of 93 and this year 87 and now I have regained the desire to play again as I feel I have the ability to shoot much lower scores. I feel it now every time I go out and play yet the pressure I put on myself (after listening to the audio) keeps me bound up. Now I will whistle while I play.

    Thank you Darrell for your insight and wisdom and I was a Zig Ziglar fan for years and learned a great deal from his teachings as I was a salesman as well and look forward to learning to relax and drive on with you...

    Bless you brother and always be of great joy... learning to enjoy life again and glad the Lord put you in my path...

  41. L Thomas Campbell

    Very interesting. I have a few of Darryl's videos.....even back to when he was sold through Doc O'leary.....hitting the taped up box with a small headed driver. His style of teaching is next to no one. It all makes sense.

    I have dabbled with the single plane swing.....Moe Norman's swing.....that is Moe's swing. His eye hand coordination was special.

    I am 73 years old going to retire at the end of April. In 1998 I won the Seniors Championship at my club. Since that time I have only played sporadically. My game has deteriorated. I am hoping to get some of it back. I look to Darryl 's teaching and philosophy to help me.

    Tom Campbell

  42. William Barnett

    I purchased your 4 easy steps package about 3 weeks ago. I read the book and watched all the videos at least twice. I have gone to the driving range twice and hit balls until I was too tired to hit any more. I'm not having much success for some reason. I think my biggest problem is trying to hit off my right hip. I guess, like you say, that I have always had my hands in front of me instead of letting my back hip catch up with the hands. I don't know whether I should lead with my hips or hands. Any tips on getting this straightened out?
    I am not trying to take this swing to the course but it is causing many problems. As an example; I play in a Tuesday league. We keep handicaps but play the point system i.e. one point for boggy, two for par, three for birdie. This week I was supposed to pull 16 points (which would be a 20 handicap. On the front nine I pulled 3 points. I couldn't hit the ball where I wanted to save my life. I had a double on 10, then pulled 13 points on the last 8 holes. The sad part is, I have no idea what I was doing differently.
    I know this change isn't something I can do in a week or two, but what do I do in the mean time when I play? Do I just try to go back to my old swing, try to play with this swing, or use a little of both?


    William Barnett

  43. Alvin Hebert

    Figured out after a few swings that the right hand is just along for the ride. That was just practicing the short game at the local range. So I know the right hand will mess up the full swing as well. Just trying to get my short game together before trying the long fairway shots. Got your long and straight but am waiting until I get all the material before getting to the longer-straighter practice. No instructor ever told me about the bag ball and how to hit it with the club.
    Thank you very much,
    Al Hebert

  44. Richard Wynn

    Yea I been trying to learn this game so I can have some fun. Bought Some of Darrell's instructions, looked through them but really didn't put them into practice. went all over the place looking for the secret to golf. Well I haven't found it and I am still not haveing fun. I am back Darrell and this time I am going to give it my all. Just want let you know. Mark the calendar, I will get back with my improvements. My score average is 103 right now August 22,2017


    In the video showing the basic up and down movement of the left wrist using a stick does this apply to the right hand too? Since using the light grip advocated by you I am getting a bit confused about the role of the right hand in the swing? Does it apply power in the downswing as we swing to the power point or is it predominately a left hand action?

  46. Mike Robbins

    Thank you. I have recaptured my iron game . Ping pong balls a few weeks ago seemed an eternity from good golf. Once I got the ball spinning again, all my irons increased their launch angle and travel an average of an additional 12 yards. The woods are starting to come along with good solid contact although many lack precise direction. The launch angle on my tee ball has also increased substantially resulting in it staying in the air longer. I have never taken a golf journey that was this helpful and this much fun.

  47. Krishna kumar Letchumanan

    Hi , I never like chipping, i never feel confident until I saw DK video on short game. I enjoy my chip short game now and practice hard to be deadly below 100 yards .i have seen many many Video nothing like DK. lots more confidence with my short game. You are the man DK.