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Just Give Me 39 Minutes Of Your Time
And I Guarantee You Will...

Never Shoot
Over 90 Again!"

Did you know that, according to the PGA...
Less Than 10% Of ALL Golfers
Can Consistently Break 100?

From: Darrell Klassen

It's a fact. And if you're like most golfers, you'll have your stretches where everything goes right and you shoot nice low scores for a few rounds... and then you'll have your longer stretches where you can't buy a break, and you're shooting the summer temperature in Arizona everytime out. The noon temperature, when even the lizards are hiding under rocks.

Now, the interesting thing is... it's NOT because you're a "bad golfer". It's because you don't yet know the secrets of consistent low scoring. If you just stay with me for a moment, I'll show you how to never score above 90 again ever. On ANY course.

You see... there's a
TRICK to consistently shoot under 90. Actually, there are 4 tricks, but let's not quibble.

The important thing is...

You Can Learn Everything You Need To Know
About Shooting Under 90 For The
Rest Of Your Days... In Just 39 Minutes!

How can this be? It's actually very simple (though the majority of golfers don't have a clue).

It breaks down like this:

When you shoot a bad round, you've made your most critical mistake before you even tee up on the first hole...

And you make your next most critical mistake before you play your second shot.

By the time you've reached the first green and putted out, your score for the entire round is pretty much predetermined. And that holds true even if you par the first hole - because the hidden mistakes you're making are sitting there, like a boiling kettle ready to blow the lid off.

Have you ever done well for five, six or more holes... only to straggle into the clubhouse after eighteen with another miserable total score? Of course you have. MOST golfers know this horror. Do you know why this is? It's because... the KEYS to consistently shoot great low scores...

Have Absolutely Zero To Do With
Your Ability To Hit Long Drives,
Or Even Hit The Green In Regulation!

In short... shooting below 90 has nothing to do with what you thought you needed to do!

That's Right.

The keys to consistently scoring closer and closer to par are actually ...

  • Knowing the secret of what exactly to do with your putter before you ever make a real putt...

  • Knowing the secret behind leaving ONE SPECIFIC CLUB out of your bag before you tee off...

  • Knowing the secret of readjusting the number of strokes you're allowed for your personal "beat the course" par on each hole...

  • And... knowing the secret of "seeing" the course in a way that will help you stay out of trouble, keep you in the fairway, and never lose an unnecessary stroke.


Once you know these simple, basic, easy-to-learn secrets... your score will automatically start dropping faster than the value of your retirement portfolio during the financial crisis.

Even better...

You'll suddenly realize you're actually enjoying each round more, because you'll be more relaxed, and you'll look Forward to each new shot, knowing you're going to shoot a nice low score for the day no matter what.

You'll be the kind of golfer you've always dreamed of being.

But you're not dreaming! Golf really can become a sheer joy, every single time out.

No more frustration... no more inconsistency... no more "nightmare" holes... no more long days where your buddies won't even look you in the eyes (or even dare brush against you, for fear of catching whatever curse you're suffering from themselves).

Best of all...

You only need 39 Minutes
to Learn these Secrets

There's only one man I would ever put this kind of guarantee behind. That's Darrell Klassen... golf's most amazing "Teacher Of Secrets".

He's the guy who just enrages all the hoity-toity PGA professional teachers by insisting that "golf really IS and EASY game!" (I've seen a course pro actually sputter and blush when Darrell's name was mentioned. This is a guy who insists you learn the "official" PGA swing... but can't explain why Darrell slaughters him every time they play head-to-head for money!)

You see...

While the PGA is busy teaching everyone to learn impossibly-difficult swing mechanics... Darrell just keeps spending an hour or so with people and then sending them out to the course, where...

They Immediately And Consistently
Beat The Pants Off Everyone Else!

It's an amazing fact...

But while the vast majority of golfers around the planet will NEVER consistently break even 100... almost every one of Darrell's private students consistently breaks 90!

Don't miss this point, now. Let me repeat: While 90% of PGA-taught golfers NEVER consistently shoot under 100...

Nearly Every Single One Of Darrell's Students - Young, Old Beginner And Veteran - Are Shooting Impressive Below-90 Scores... Every Time!

Now, that can't be an accident!

Here's the deal:

We got Darrell out of a gorgeous private course out in California and videoed him giving his entire "Shoot Below 90 Every Time" secret lesson.

You know... despite the lesson being only 39 mintues total... it really is still a secret of a lifetime for most golfers.

Why? Because Darrell insists on being lazy.

The ONLY way to learn this lesson directly from him (until now) has been to go to his little out-of-way town in the central valley, to his local course, and learn it on his time. And though several hundred happy golfers have made this pilgrimage (and are now shooting breathtakingly - low scores every time out), it's still the best-kept secret in golf.

Anyway, let's get back to YOU!

So, we have this DVD Download lesson, which has the 4 secrets all laid out for you, simply and in the easiest possible way to "get". (Darrell never spends more than an hour with any student on this. It's too simple not to completely and utterly understand immediately.)

So, here’s what you need to do now:

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The price for this life-changing video package is just $97 $49…probably the best darn bargain you’ll ever see in your golfing life. (Private lessons cost upwards of $500 each…and you don’t get the whole story in a single lesson).

You get everything downloaded to your computer instantly, and it contains EVERYTHING you need to know…(yet it’s barely over half an hour long.)

It’s the best deal, dollar for dollar, you could ever hope for—and averages out to only about $3 for each stroke you slash off your game!

Or, if you just plain don’t like ordering on-line, just call my office at:


and tell whoever answers you want "Darrell's Break 90 Every Time You Play" program. It's just a $97 $49 (which is $451 less than he charges for personal instruction).

No matter which one you choose, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the program.




There's just one "catch": You have to order right now. Like I said, Darrell usually gets five times as much as you're paying for this "secret" lesson, and he's only willing to allow this deal to exist at all if I follow these two-iron clad requests:

1. Never let his new personal-teaching clients know about this deal... and...

2. Only allow this offer to be on the table for 48 hours.

ONE WEEK. That's It.

Therefore, this is hidden web page that's only going out to my "hot list" of favorite golfers. Please don't tell any of your friends about it, okay? And... in just 48-short-hours, the deal is off.

So click the order button or call right NOW.

thank you

Darrells Golf


PS. But wait... There's More... As a bonus for ordering right away... Darrell will also send you Two More video lessons - totally free.

Bonus Video 1: "How to Break 80"

Bonus Video 2: "How to Break 70"

Inside you'll find even more advanced secrets to how the pro's think their way around the course, to score low all day long.

First thing you'll notice is there isn't a lot of difference between a golfer trying to break 80, as a golfer breaking 100. The thinking. But the amazing part... You'll finally see where their score really comes from.

Most 100 shooting golfers don't realise their how close they really are to scoring in the 70's or 80's.

This is an amazing insight. And the small tweaks Darrell added into the advanced programs will certainly give you the edge over any more skilled or better golfers. These extra videos are also worth another $49.


PPS. And if you order right now, Darrell will also give you a Third FREE Gift... worth DOUBLE THE ENTIRE COURSE.

Bonus Video 3: A complete "LIVE Playing the Course" Lesson.

In this lesson, you'll see how Darrell puts everything you've learned into practice out on the golf course - where it really matters. See how Darrell:

  • sets up each hole from the tee-box...
  • where he aims for on the fairway...
  • how he attacks the green... and finally
  • how he think around the putting green so he drains every putt in one or two strokes max... (Yes, every time.)

Seeing a professional tie all this together is easily worth $97 (which is a bargain because a real playing lesson with Darrell would cost you $500)... But when you order today, Darrell will include the Playing lesson -- and the Break 70 and Break 80 lessons.. All for no extra cost.

Remember... In 48-hours, the deal is off.

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Darrell Klassen's
"Break 90 Everytime You Play"
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